Halloween has arrived in all its ghoulish glory! With the bounty of holiday meals and sugar-heavy treat traditions, chances are your sugar consumption is about to sky rocket, and your body is about to SCREAM, and not the good kind!
Which means your blood sugar & digestion strategy has got to step up its game.

The good news is - 
we've got just what the body wants, just what it needs. To make sure you have the clinical strategies to support your patients through October & beyond, be sure to sign up for the FALL webinar series with Dr. Dave Hogsed, The Essentials.
He'll share proven protocols for Gut & Glycemic Healthfrom managing sugar cravings, to properly digesting fats, carbs, and protein, so your patients can indulge in celebratory eats, guilt-free! PLUS, he'll cover our NEWEST MediHerb and Standard Process formulas! Join us on Thursday, October 18. 6-CEU's still available (in total) for LAc. Click here to register.

Each individual webinar is approved for 2 hours of Continuing Education Units by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number 484, Category 1. *California-licensed Chiropractors may also apply these CEUs toward relicensure per California code of Regulations, Title 16, Div 4, Article 6, Section 361, Subdivision (h).

*NEW* Metabol Complex from MediHerb | Metabolism, Boosted

Let’s be honest. Unless you’re one of those rare folks blessed by a fast-metabolism, you’d probably like to optimize your body's fat burning mechanism and support efficient metabolism of sugars – both for you and your patients. The question is: How?

Announcing MediHerb's NEW Metabol Complex, a unique combination of Black Cumin seed, Bitter Melon fruit, Cinnamon bark and concentrated extract made from Fenugreek seed. This synergistic formula will rev up your metabolism in powerful ways*. Order at 800.662.9134 or visit spnatural.com, item #M1610, SLP $71.00.
BLACK CUMIN | This tiny black seed has traditionally been used to help the liver metabolize fat and relieve mild bloating and flatulence.

BITTER MELON | Bitter melon’s bitter energy promotes digestive function, clears metabolic waste, and helps the body to metabolize fats and sugars.

CINNAMON | Quality cinnamon bark is known to help generate heat and relieve symptoms of cold, sluggish indigestion, and promote vitality. That’s always a good thing.

FENUGREEK | With its strong and penetrating qualities, Fenugreek seed supports the pancreas in clearing metabolic waste. Also helps the body metabolize macronutrients.

PROMOTION | In the Waiting Room | FREE Patient Marketing Flyer
Until November 14th, purchase 3 bottles of Metabol Complex and receive 1 FREE Patient Lobby Marketing Flyer (N1016)+! Let patients know you can help support their body’s ability to metabolize sugars or enhance fat burning .. even during the holiday season. Use CODE: HOLIDAYSW/METABOL to redeem.

+limited quantity available, while supplies last.

*NEW* E-Z Mg | Plant-Based Magnesium

Magnesium is a major mineral that is key to many body processes. As a co-factor for more than 300 enzyme systems (1), magnesium plays a role in blood glucose management, nerve conduction, energy production, and much more (1,2,3). In fact, research NOW shows that higher levels of magnesium has been associated with a decreased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome (4).
Enter our latest product, E-Z Mg! Developed to support the dietary magnesium intake of patients, E-Z Mg is made from two key ingredients – Swiss chard (beet leaf) and buckwheat – both grown on the Standard Process certified organic farm. The best source of magnesium is naturally occurring and obtained from the diet. Plant-based magnesium, like that found in E-Z Mg, is considered ideal as it consists of a collection of multiform magnesium.* Available in convenient and portable stick packs, E-Z Mg is certified USDA organic, and can be mixed with water, blended in a smoothie, or even sprinkled on foods. Order at 800.661.9234 or visit spnatural.com, item #3935, SLP $58.00.

*FREE DOWNLOAD* | Holiday Marketing Materials

Starting with Halloween and on through the New Year, we are exposed to a deluge of sugar and carbs creating body-wide stress and inflammation. This holiday season, use these festive marketing display materials posters to encourage patients to be mindful of the sugar-flu connection, and help protect them against the cold & flu.
Clinically support them with sugar/carb cravings using Gymnema, Diaplex, or our tried and true digestive players Zypan and Digest Forte.* Click here to download the FREE 8.5X11 PDFs. Simply click, print, and display! Place them in high traffic areas like the bathroom, waiting area, and treatment room for a captive audience. Here's what's inside:
  • It's Not Just Cake
  • Start The Fight Before Flu Season
  • Tricked By Treats
  • Eat Now. Pay Later.
  • Sugar Destroyer (DIY Liquid Tonic)
  • Metabolism Boost.
  • 10-Day Blood Sugar Support

Upcoming Product Name Changes | PLUS, Project Clean Continues

New names, same quality formulas!

Throughout the next few months, a few products will be changing names. Here's a list of the products that will be updated in our Northern California Distributorship.
  • Horsechestnut Complex (M1340) to Vascular Care Complex (M1640)
  • Withania Complex (M1482, M1488) to Ashwagandha Complex (M1630, M1635)
  • Silymarin (M1420) to Milk Thistle Forte (M1620)
Project Clean | In an ongoing effort to continue the legacy of quality and stay on the cutting edge of science, Standard Process has undertaken a thoughtful cleanup of 5 ingredients: soy protein, soybeans, maltodextrin, lactose, wheat germ.

Here’s a look at some of the important product reformulations that have happened & are coming up. We will keep you updated on these formulas as the changes occur, and they become available in Northern California:
  • Phase 1 | Betacol, Livaplex, Organically Bound Minerals, Prolamine Iodine, Zypan, and Zymex
  • Phase 2 | Zymex II, Okra Pepsin E3, Cellular Vitality, Multizyme, Diaplex, Betaine Hydrochloride, Canine Musculoskeletal
This initiative will continue into 2019 so please stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, if you need an updated POS file, contact customer support.

The Lineup | 2019 CE Seminars

Learning about functional nutrition doesn't happen overnight. Our CE Seminars are taught by everyday healers doing remarkable work with nutrition and herbs – and they're here to teach you how to do the same. We're excited to release our 2019 lineup of speakers on insightful topics ranging from endocannabinoids, to metabolic health, energy & brain function, functional blood chemistry, and muscle testing for the uber advanced practitioner.

If you see an event you'd like to attend, we suggest registering today as seminars sell-out fast! Registration is free and tuition is only charged after you attend. We call this worry-free registration. Click here to register or call 800.662.9134. 
Jan 19 | The Modern Patient Paradox
Davis Brockenshire, DC
Feb 2-3 | Endocannabinoids & Metabolic Health
Lee Carroll, BHSC
Feb 9-10 | Nutrition Response Testing: Basic
Cori Stern, DC
Feb 28 | The Art & Science of Liquid Herb Blending, Vol.6 | THURS
Lee Carroll, BHSC
March 23-24 | Morphogenic Field Technique: Basic
Frank Springob, DC
April 6-7 | Nutritional Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World
Gerald Roliz, CNC
April 13 | TCM & The Modern Patient: Blood Sugar, Detox, Weight | San Jose
Marlene Merritt, DOM & Will Mitchell, DOM
April 25 | Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT): Advanced
Frank Springob, DC
May 4 | Healthy Aging: Energy & Brain Function
Jeannette Birnbach, DC
June 22 | Topic TBD | Sacramento
Dave Hogsed
June 29 | Cardiovascular Health & The Heart Sound Recorder
Michael Gaeta, DOM
Download our 2019 Calendar or visit spnatural.com for all seminars!

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