*This is Major* | Introducing SP Detox Balance Program

Meet the NEW SP Detox Balance Program! If a shake could do push-ups, this one would. This all-in-one detox program provides your body with the nutritional support it needs to metabolize and expel toxins safely during each of the three phases of metabolic detoxification. With 17g of pea and pumpkin protein, flax meal, sweet potato, buckwheat and spanish black radish, this super powder has everything you need to unlock, neutralize, and eliminate toxins.

Every day we're exposed to toxins, from our food, water, and air. Our body, therefore, has a built in efficient detoxification system which works 24/7, through our liver, gut, kidneys, skin and lungs. The simple 28-day or 10-day protocol optimizes this process with a tasty, all-in-one detox shake supported by REAL, DELICIOUS FOODS! This new, game-changing product is officially launching on Tuesday, June 5th! Here are some great tools to introduce yourself & your patients to this ultimate detox program: Just in in time for summer, you'll want to place your pre-order today! Get in touch with our customer support team at 800.662.9134 or orders@spnatural.com.

Mercury, Aluminum, GMOs. Muscle Testing Seminars.

Yes, harmful chemicals are everywhere. Heavy metals, pesticides, exogenous toxins, BPA-coated receipts … Unless you’re living in a bubble, you’re going to come into contact with some less-than-optimal chemicals pretty much every day.

No reason to panic. Your body is wise and does a lot of detoxing on its own. However, certain chemicals or a higher toxic load may make it tough for your body to clear toxins efficiently. Interestingly enough, one person's poison may not make a difference in another.
This is bio-individuality and it is why a one-size-fits-all approach to health does not work. Know the muscle testing tools you can use to help patients individually navigate and better handle the landscape of toxins, GMOs, and drugs:
  • September 8-9 | Nutrition Response Testing®: Basic - We are made of energy, not matter. Even mercury and GMOs have energy signatures unseen by the human eye. Venture into quantum physics and you'll understand that we are all made of tiny invisible force fields emitting waves of electrical energy. Tap into the flow of energy with Nutrition Response Testing, to non-invasively identity hidden stressors and key-in on individualized nutritional solutions. Click here to register. 12 CEUs for DC, LAC, ND.
  • July 28-29 | Morphogenic Field Technique®: Basic - Many cultures have used energy for healing for centuries, often referring to it as Chi, Aura or Prana. MFT taps into the energy of the body to gain information about the energetic state of the cells. Talk about GMOs, parasites, pesticides, heavy metals... The possibilities of what can be discovered with MFT are seemingly endless, the question is how far will you take it? Our Basic MFT seminar is filling up, so register now. 12 CEUs for DC, LAC, ND.

Stress: The Overlooked Toxin

Stress is a toxin, especially when it is chronic! Our body cannot differentiate between emotional and physical stress, and reacts similarly to both. While their adrenal systems should compensate, they often can't keep up with the intense, long term demands. Join us for Nutritional Solutions in an Adrenal Fatigued World on August 25th to understand the differences between adrenal, heart, kidney, and ANS exhaustion. Speaker Gerald Roliz< CNC will cover exams such as adrenal stress tests and hormone testing to dial-in on the root cause of health issues. 8 CE Units for DC, LAC, RN, ND. Click here for more information!

Last Call | FREE Nutrition 101 Webinar

It's true, most patients don't investigate what's really in the products they swallow. Do the vitamins they're ingesting contain REAL whole foods, food-like yeasts, synthetics ... hidden toxins?

Thankfully, they have YOU, the insatiable scholar as their doctor. If you've ever had patients question why they should buy supplements from you versus the grocery store, or need a solid explanation for how to properly read a vitamin label, this FREE webinar is for YOU!

Get ALL the confidence you need to talk intelligently about supplementation – from quality to potency, herbs to vitamins. This 1-hour lunchtime webinar is completely FREE. No CE units, great knowledge only. Click here to register today.

REGISTER EARLY | Continuing Education Seminars

One of our greatest goals in hosting professional development seminars is to create a high-vibing space for connection and inspiration. We invite you to plug into this well-spring of good energy by joining us at any of our upcoming seminars. If you see an event you'd like to attend, we suggest registering today as seminars sell-out fast! Registration is free and tuition is only charged after you attend. We call this worry-free registration. Click here to register or call 800.662.9134. 
Jun 23 | Herbal Solutions for a Pharmaceutical World
Gerald Roliz, CNC
Jun 30 | Cardiovascular Health and the Heart Sound Recorder WAITLIST
Michael Gaeta, DAC, MS, CDN
July 14-15 | Functional Blood Chemistry WAITLIST
Ronda Nelson, PHD
July 28-29 | Morphogenic Field Technique: Basic Seminar
Frank Springob, DC
Aug 4-5 | Nutrition for Each Decade | SAN JOSE
Marlene Merritt, DOM & Will Mitchell, DOM
Aug 25 | Nutritional Solutions for an Adrenal Fatigued World
Gerald Roliz, CNC
Sep 8-9 | Nutrition Response Testing: Basic Seminar
Shannon Roznay, DC
Sep 22 | The Nutritional Exam
Jay Robbins, DC
Oct 6-7 | The Bittersweet ParadoxWAITLIST
Prof. Kerry Bone & Lee Carroll, BHSC
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